The Pilot’s Wife – Characters

Kathryn Lyons
37. She is a teacher of music and history and leads the high school band. She met her husband while working in an antique shop, and was raised by her grandmother, Julia Hull on the outskirts of Ely Falls. Red haired, she is a resident of Ely Falls, New Hampshire and resides in the former convent house that was also featured in Fortune’s Rocks, Sea Glass, and Body Surfing. While she was in college, Kathryn’s absent parents, both of whom worked at the Ely Mill, drowned.

Jack Lyons
52, a pilot. His blue eyes, each of a different hue, made his face suggest imbalance. He had a rectangular jaw and was tall, six-foot-four. He was born in Boston, fought in Vietnam and spent his life as a pilot, in the military and as a commercial pilot after. He went to Boston Latin and Holy Cross. An only child, his mother died when he was nine and his father when he was in college. He disappears in a plane crash off the coast of Ireland.

Mattie Lyons
15, the daughter of Kathryn and Jack. Athletic and thin, she likes extreme skiing, snowboarding, field hockey and lacrosse. She blows her naturally curly, sandy red hair straight every morning. She inherited her father’s slightly different colored blue eyes but of late had begun wearing one contact lens to make her eyes look the same.

Robert Hart
Late thirties. A flying instructor and representative of the union who comes to tell Kathryn about her husband’s death. Divorced, he lives in DC and is the father of two boys who live with their mother in Virginia. He has a nervous habit of holding his pen between the knuckles of his fingers and flipping it back and forth like a baton. A former alcoholic, he has taken to smoking to curb the desire to drink.

Julia Hull
78, Kathryn’s grandmother. Slender and beautiful in her youth, she now has a prominent stomach and frumpy style of dress. A life-long resident of Ely Falls, she helped Jack procure the house there for her grand daughter.