The Last Time They Met – Characters

Linda Fallon
The author of dreamlike, elegiac poems with an uncommon need for contemplation and the opinion that love is the central drama of our lives. She often feels like a fraud when reading her surprisingly popular work in public. The mother of a son and daughter, Marcus and Maria. Her husband, Vincent, died young, causing Linda not to believe in love that lasts beyond the grave, despite the fact that she wished she did. A lapsed Catholic, she is only religious on airplanes. Pale, blonde and of Irish descent, she is surprised to find herself, at 52, as one of the rare women who thinks of herself as thin, but is actually overweight.

Thomas Janes
A silver-haired, reclusive poet with a scar running the length of his face, soft navy eyes and a strong reading voice like an opera singer. His poems are short and blunt, riddled with juxtapositions that twist the reader about, as if in a jerking car. He is commonly thought of as one of the best poets of his generation. His daughter Billie died in a boat accident in Maine, an accident that destroyed his marriage to his wife Jean.