Resistance – Characters

Ted Brice
22, a native of Ohio and the pilot of the B-17 that crashes in the forest outside of Delahaut, Belgium. In his youth, he was called Teddy. A runner, he won the state championships in high school and got into college because of this triumph. He carries a photo of his childhood sweetheart and fiancée, Stella, inside his flight suit. In the war, his parachute crew calls him “the old man.”

Claire Daussois
24, has been married to Henri Daussois for over four years. She has thick, dark blonde shoulder-length hair, large grey eyes and a wide brow. She smells of yeast and violets. She can read and speak English, although she speaks with an accent. She also reads Dutch, Italian, and French, and speaks German.

Jean Benoît
A young Belgian boy, the son of a brutish farmer, who finds Ted after the crash. One of the members of the Resistance, he brings Ted to Henri and Claire in a wheelbarrow and a pig trough.

Henri Daussois
32, a farmer and the husband of Claire. Stocky, barrel-chested, with round shoulders, brown hair and brown eyes, he has one tooth that is darkening in his mouth. He smells of beer and tobacco and, due to the fact that he makes beer that he hides from the Germans in his barn, he has gotten fatter during the war.

Antoine Boccart
A co-organizer of the Resistance with Henri and Claire. He is married to Emilie, who is cheating on him. Smart and brave, he can only kneel on his left knee, as his right was injured in an accident with explosives.