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In Resistance, Anita Shreve uses a wartime setting to sharpen the themes she has explored in previous novels—and leads us into a harrowing work where forbidden passions have catastrophic consequences. In a Nazi-occupied Belgian village, Claire Daussois, the wife of a resistance worker, shelters a wounded American bomber pilot in a secret attic hideaway. As she nurses him back to health, Claire falls in love and is soon locked in a passionate affair that seems strong enough to conquer all—until the brute realities of war intrude, shattering every idea she ever had about love, trust, and betrayal.

Resistance is a powerful exploration of emotion at odds with commitment. No reader who has loved—or resisted love—will forget this lucid and moving tale.

The film version of Resistance, starring Bill Paxton and Julia Ormand, is available now.



“Anita Shreve’s perceptive novel relates a simple story set in terrible times in a clear, dispassionate voice…Her respect for her characters is striking, as is the meticulous attention to detail….I reached the last chapter with hungry eyes, wanting more.”
Los Angeles Times

“Shreve is an intelligent, powerful writer.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“From the first sentence, Anita Shreve draws in the reader with the quiet poetry of her narrative voice…Resistance is a turn-off-the-phone, put-the-kids-to-bed-early, stay-up-’til-two-in-the-morning-on-a-work-night reading experience.”
Detroit Free Press

“Touching….The monumental events of World War II provide a vivid, terrifying backdrop to what is essentially a tender but tragic love story.  This is war on an intimate scale.”
Hartford Courant

“Shreve’s prose is as gentle and dignified as the prose she describes.”
Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Superb…Shreve affectingly explores themes of love and loss with piercing clarity…With deceptive simplicity and superb control, Shreve evokes the impersonal horrors of wartime and its heartbreaking personal tragedies.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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